Cold Storage in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne & Perth

Cold storage is an incredibly important part of any food based logistics planning. Ensuring business margins are kept strong, while keeping your cost of sale (and the cost of moving your raw and frozen ingredients) as low as possible. ACIT has the facilities to ensure your food logistics requirements are met. We tailor these solutions to match into your existing freight solutions, or we can join our cold storage onto our refrigerated trucking infrastructure with ease.

If you have temperature sensitive food, ACIT has one of the largest frozen and chilled (and dry) storage facilities in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Whether your food is in-between delivery points and requires storage, or you require regular and ongoing chilled or frozen storage – ACIT is your first point of call.

We operate from our locations in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, ensuring our distribution network can effectively get your product where it needs to be anywhere in Australia.

Our chilled and frozen logistics solutions include:

  • Warehousing & Storage (Frozen, Chill & Dry)
  • 99.86% DIFOT (How does your provider compare?)
  • Demand planning and forecasting
  • Complete 3PL and 4PL options, including direct client invoicing
  • Pick and Pack service – is our speciality
  • Fully HACCP Accredited (SGS)
  • Frozen, Chilled and Dry Transport (Refrigerated trucking)
  • Single or multi pallet movements
  • Mixed loads (Dry, chill, Frozen) depending on requirements
  • National and international Distribution network

Enquire now to let ACIT deliver an Intelligent Logistics supply chain plan that works!

Sydney cold storage