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The Little Shop

Every month we celebrate our finest products by placing them into The Little Shop, so that you can enjoy them too! Have a browse below, but remember that it’s first in first served with our limited special products. See you soon! We’re open 8 am till 4 pm weekdays.

Phone orders welcome. Please note pricing subject to change without notice. Products subject to availability.

Clearance! While Stocks Last...

J GASCO soft drinks
6x4 packs
All flavours while stocks last

Nonnas Tomato Sauce
12 pack

Arte & Pasta Range
500 grams

Bialetti Moka Induction

3 Cup Bialetti Stop Top Coffee Maker

Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale

30 Year Old Collector's Balsamic Vinegar

Rummo Gluten Free Pasta

Our Selection of Gluten Free Pasta

Bialetti Fiammetta Italia

Stove Top Coffee Maker


Nonna's Natural Tomato Sauce

670 ml Family Recipe

Giardinera Vegetables

1.6 kg Mixed Vegetables in Wine Vinegar

Retinato Special Cheese

Random Weight

romano cheese wheel

Pecorino & Romano

Cheese Wheels

Mini Voglie

300 g

Profiteroles (Choux)

Approx. 20 Per Pack

Marinated Baby Figs

220 g

Cannoli Shells

Large – 6 in Packet / Small – 15 in Packet

Angelo's Lasagna

1.5 kg Beef Lasagna


Val Verde Pasta Sauce

Individually or In Bundles of 6

Rummo Pasta Special

Our Selection of Pasta

Bottle of Moro Balsamic vinegar

Moro Balsamic Vinegar

500 ml


Val Verde Peeled & Diced

400 g Tomato Can

Rummo Soup Shape Pasta

500 g

Baiocchi Biscuits

150 g

Pan Di Stelle Biscuits

150 g

Shredded Tasty & Shredded Mozzarella Bags

2 Kg

Selesta Peeled and Diced tomatoes

2.5 kg

Arborio Riso

1 kg