the little shop

Every month we celebrate our finest products by placing them into The Little Shop, so that you can enjoy them too! Have a browse below, but remember that it’s first in first served with our limited special products. See you soon! We’re open 8 am till 4 pm weekdays.

Phone orders welcome. Please note pricing subject to change without notice. Products subject to availability.

Limited Edition Bialetti Tricolore Percolator

3 Cup and 6 Cup Stove Top Coffee Maker

Limited Edition Bialetti Cup Set!

Available in Roma (red), Milano (black), Napoli (blue)

Bialetti Moka Induction

3 Cup Bialetti Stove Top Coffee Maker

French Butter

250 grams

Plac Provolone

250 grams

Plac Provolone Piccate

250 grams

Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Tuscany Italy

3 litres

Profiteroles (Choux)

Approx. 20 Per Pack

Cannoli Shells

Large – 6 in Packet / Small – 15 in Packet

romano cheese wheel

Pepato, Pecorino & Romano

Cheese Wheels

Angelo's Lasagna

1.5 kg Beef Lasagna


Val Verde Pasta Sauce

Individually or In Bundles of 6

Rummo Pasta Special

Our Selection of Pasta

Bottle of Moro Balsamic vinegar

Moro Balsamic Vinegar

500 ml


Val Verde Peeled & Diced

400 g Tomato Can

Costa d’Oro Organic Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Baiocchi Biscuits

150 g

Pan Di Stelle Biscuits

150 g

Selesta Peeled and Diced tomatoes

2.5 kg

Giardinera Vegetables

1.6 kg Mixed Vegetables in Wine Vinegar

Shredded Tasty & Shredded Mozzarella Bags

2 Kg

Pasta Lori Range

500 g in all shapes