gremigneto olive oil

Gremigneto Olive Oil

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The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gremigneto is characterised by its high quality and unique flavour due to its origins and characteristics.

Gremigneto pay high attention to their plants all year round. Olives are carefully harvested just on time when nature brings them to the proper ripening. Olives are then thoroughly washed and milled resulting in delicious hand-crafted olive oil.

The all natural process according the older Tuscan tradition, is at the origin of this olive oil. Featuring a green-gold colour and a slight haze, Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic Antico Podere Gremigneto combines with all the traditional dishes of Tuscan and Italian cuisine, bringing well-being thanks to its organoleptic and dietary properties and an unbeatable taste.

Controlled and Guaranteed Quality

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic Antico Podere Gremigneto is produced according to ancient tradition and natural methods that already guarantee its genuiness.

This natural quality is confirmed by the continuous monitoring of certified bodies and the PGI – Protected Geographical Origin mark, with which the European Community certified that all stages of production (harvesting, pressing, bottling, etc.) have taken place within the geographical area and that each production has been duly subjected to chalice analysis and organoleptic tests required,

Several analyses throughout the year guarantee and certify out oil as Organic according to European and United States USDA standards and, whose international symbols are printed on the label.

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