Baker's Son Pies

The Baker's Son Pies

Dad’s pies has been making award winning pies since the 1980s! And now, like father, like son… The Baker’s Son pies is getting in on the act.

It was 1981 – and everyone was wearing Stubbies – when Dad’s Pies began in a pint-sized pie shop at Red Beach. The task at hand was feeding peckish beach goers on pies and ice creams. And thus, one small step for Dad’s Pies became a giant leap for pie-kind. Word spread fast. We soon found our feet – and the secret to making a great pie. ‘Let’s only ever make pies we want to eat,’ came the cry. Then ‘Let’s also make them good for you,’ came another cry. So once we’d worked out where the echo was coming from, we began a lifelong pursuit of pie-fection – mixing wholesome, top-notch ingredients with plenty of love and care.

Like the pies, the wee bakery at Red Beach was pretty full. So we packed up the pie dishes and the team hopped down the road to Silverdale. More people were cottoning on to Dad’s Pies – so we also invested in some shiny gadgets to help our pie makers keep up.

The Dad’s Pies family soon got stuck in to making first-rate pies for Wild Bean Cafe, BP2Go outlets and good supermarkets all over New Zealand. This meant making, baking and packing even more pies. Another move was just around the corner. Luckily, so was a beaut’ site for our new purpose-built pie bakery and our our new line, The Baker’s Son pies.

Our family has spent years perfecting our delicious recipes and now we are proud to share it with you. Enjoy!

Baker’s Sons Pies are now partnering with ACIT. These amazing pies are now available in Australia. Contact us to purchase The Baker’s Sons pies today!

Meat Pie
Chicken Pie

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